(Epilogue) Chapter 3 – The Offer

‘Your first born with him.’

‘–born with him.’

‘–with him.’



No. Still dreaming of me I see. I’m flattered.

I snap awake at the sound of an all too familiar voice. Forcefully commanding, steady and sure of itself. Death.

You have caused great problems with my bookkeeping Lilith Xavier. Why must you be the way you are?

I stare up at him from my place on our backyard bench trying to decipher his questioning. “What do you mean?” He lets out an audible sigh, a sound that makes him appear almost human. If it wasn’t for his cynical smirk and black devoid eyes, he could pass for a common weirdo living here in Auberon.

You tried to create a loophole by being a surrogate mother. Did you know you were pregnant with twins?

What? Impossible, the check ups I had all came out normal and no doctors mentioned anything about another fetus within me. Could Death lie…? What am I saying? Of course he could. I narrowed my eyes at him and sat up noting that we weren’t in his plane. “That’s impossible.”

It can happen with felines. It can happen within humans too. Very rarely, but it can.

“What the hell are you spouting?” I demand seeing his face twitch with a slightly bigger smirk.

You had two babies that day, but you didn’t get to meet one. A still birth. Do you remember now?

“Nikita was born first. She was my first born.”


“So it doesn’t matter, she was half mine and half Xavier’s. It’s nulled.”

No. I can repeat what I said during the making of our deal if you would like?

He stares at me waiting for an answer but I can’t give him one. For a moment I was sucked back into that day. The day were I successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl and tragically failed at delivering her twin, another girl… Nala. I remember me putting on a brave face all the way until I got home, then I broke down. Akeem was there to comfort me as usual but it took me a while to actually cope with that fact that I had lost one. Nikita was safe at home with her family and Nala was…

“You bastard.” I curled my hands to make fist though punching an eternal being was the last thing from my mind. It was simply instinct that I did that.

I am that I am. Glad you remember.

“So why the hell are you here now? You got what you wanted didn’t you!?”

It’s been so long… would you like to see her?

He asked me without completely looking at me. His attention was somewhere else, behind me, but I was afraid to take my eyes off of his presence in case he decided to play the part of being a complete asshole and vanish.

“What… are you saying?” I could feel a tear forming in my eye. Slowly, a little human figure began to form in his arms, a toddler. I could make out her hair, her dress, little red shoes…

“Hey Lilith, I made–” Akeem’s words were cut short as he noticed the little girl in Death’s arms. I took a chance to look behind me at him and his eyes were fixated on her in recognition.

You may have her back; on one condition. She will always be mine, she will always be tied to me. Her father, yourself, and she will never know when she’ll die. It could be at any given moment by anything. But I will have her back, Daughter of Anubis. Understand that and never forget it.

I nodded slowly and Akeem practically jumped down the stairs to get to him with our daughter. He reached out slowly and Death gradually handed her to him. With one finally stare towards me he vanished back to his world, leaving Akeem and I to get acquainted with our daughter we had newly acquired.

“Lilith.” Akeem started and I already knew what he was about to say. So to save ourselves precious moments taken away from our daughter, I told him everything, then and there.

***Several Years Later***

You grew up so fast.

I guess we weren’t ready for that.

We wanted to spend so many more years with you.

But I suppose most parents want that.

In the back of our mind we knew it could never be, everyone has to grow up eventually.

We just wished you did it a little slower to make up for what we missed.

Le Author’s Note: I absolutely love Nala. She’s so pretty even though she sorta looks like Lilith. Almost. Anyway, Nala will be a character in the main legacy too for small parts and such. I might even do a challenge with her. She has a nice enough personality in my head, along with my version of Death. (I say that because I’ve been reading another story: Chrysanthemum Tango;  and I’m not ashamed to say I have a major crush on Tad.  Yes I’m weird for loving virtual characters. Judge, I dare you! Hehehe, but anyway again, thanks for reading this short side project from my Official Legacy. Updates to this will be scarce as I switch focus back on my main. 

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Episode 5 – Renewed

Le Author’s Note: Happy news and new lives.

Oh my gods. It worked, everything I did… His father, his mother, brother. They worked. When I woke up in the early morning hours I noticed something stroking my hair. I looked up to see Akeem smiling softly at me. I cried, I couldn’t help myself and somehow I was standing, crying into his shoulder. Everyone piled into the room at some point but I hardly noticed.

“It’s ok Lilith, I’m ok.” was the only comprehensible words I heard and they only made me cry harder.


We made it back home with Cairo tagging along. ‘I want to see where my brother has been hiding all these years.’ His words, and I had a feeling there was a secret reason too which is how I found myself awake early the next morning filling Ariel in on everything with him helping.

“Alright, so with all of this that went down, he’s safe here and healthy I’m assuming thanks to… you Lilith.” Ariel states and I give a simple nod. “Why do I feel as though you’re not telling me something then?”

Even though I told Ariel about my… ‘healing’ powers I did leave out the very important fact that Akeem and I were now officially engaged. He asked me while we were packing up our things from the tourist house that we were supposed to stay at and I said yes, obviously. I couldn’t lose Akeem to sickness or anything… but for some reason, it was really hard to bring that up to my friend.

“Oh, um, I uh… don’t know? Really that’s everything right Cairo?” I squeak and Cairo gives his conformation although, he doesn’t even know Akeem proposed. “Yeah so, nothing to hide Ariel. Man, I’m starving.” I say steering the conversation into a different direction and Ariel agrees although I can tell she doesn’t believe me. The three of us made a plan to go to a cafe in town when Akeem woke up which, by pure coincidence, was right then.


“–and I said not to but no, Akeem just had to be the hero!” Cairo laughs as he finishes one of his many stories about their childhood.

“The snake wasn’t even deadly.” Akeem says and Cairo shoots him a glare. “You were still a kid, how could you know?” I had to laugh at that. After years of being apart those two act as if no time at all had passed which in my opinion was wonderful.

“Holy crap, you two are awesome. Akeem, why didn’t you bring Cairo around sooner?” Ariel laughs and Akeem shrugs.

“He was probably afraid that I would steal all the girl from him. Don’t worry bro, I won’t touch Lilith.” Cairo smirks and Akeem and I look at each other before bursting into laughter.

“Yeah right, as if Lilith would give him the time of day.” Ariel says. At that Akeem sobered up.

“Well, Lilith and I are gonna get married so…”

“Right, sure.”

“Don’t be mad but it’s true.” I say but after I said that I immediately got a dread feeling wash over me. Then it hit me, Ariel had a crush on Akeem way before I came into the picture. How could I even forget that? Sure it was small but it was still there and I stepped on it.

“Oh.” was all she said and it got slightly awkward after her congratulations with Cairo. “Well I should’ve saw this coming, I mean, I’m happy for you guys, really. I just never thought it would be this soon, ya know?” She explains. I couldn’t read the expression on her face nor her tone of voice. I really hoped it was actually happiness and not bitter disappointment. Not like I could do anything about it really if it was the latter.

“Way to keep this from mom and dad Akeem.” Cairo says. “They would want to have a traditional wedding in Egypt. Lilith didn’t want that… or an actual celebration at all.”

“Well, you’re going to get one anyway. A quickie wedding will never do for my two best friends.” Ariel chimes in. Well, at least it’s happiness from her.

“Can we not invite everyone? Just… you guys please? My family would consists of like, 10 people.” I say and Ariel nodded, even though I could see slight disappointment on her face. Didn’t know she was so into weddings.

*Two Years Later*

“Tell me why we’re dancing in this empty room again?”

“To maybe spark a little inspiration about what to do with it?” Akeem smiles.

“Hmmm…” I hum in thought. I wasn’t entirely sure with this house. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, laundry room… what could we do with an extra room?

“We could turn this into a nursery. Of course it would need new walls and flooring but… what? What’s with that expression? I was joking Lileeth” Akeem was spouting off ideas as we sat on the floor of the room but when I heard the word ‘nursery’ I paled. It’s not that I didn’t want kids, it’s just… the deal I made with Death scares me. What would Akeem even think of that? Would he hate me for the choice I made? Would he even stay with me if he knew?

“Lilith? I’m sorry. I never even asked you how you felt about kids. I–”

“It’s… not that. I’m just scared of, you know, failing at being a mom.” I lied. It was blissful until this conversation. Two whole years of happy, untroubled life. Then, this.

“A study then. Or I could make this into a super small man cave for me, eh?” Akeem jokes, making my mood rise. “I’m sorry baby. I won’t bring up that topic again, ok?”

“Really, it’s fine. I don’t mind talking about. It just came out of the left field. As a matter of fact, there’s actually something I want to tell you.” I say. See what Akeem doesn’t know is there’s this guy that I was talking to online before we made out trip to Egypt, hell before I knew this place like the back of my hand. Not his brother but another one. His name is Xavier and I actually met him once trying to see if I was part supernatural, didn’t happen. But after the whole fiasco in Egypt we may have lost touch. Until a few weeks ago. You see, a while back…*

“And you want to do this?” Akeem asked after I told him what happened. Xavier asked me to be the surrogate of his child, well… I kind of suggested it. I figured it would cause some loophole. Maybe.

“I do but it wouldn’t have been right of me to not run it by you first.” I said and Akeem stared at me with his gorgeous eyes for a moment.

“Would it help with your fear?” “It might… after all, I don’t have to raise it. I just… birth it.” “There is something you aren’t telling me Lilith Xavier. I don’t know what but you aren’t telling me for a reason. Do what you will.” He says changing the focus of his eyes to stare at the ceiling.

“Akeem…” “Yeah?”

“We can try after Xavier’s baby. I promise, these guys just…” “They need help, I get that. Plus it’s cheaper in all honesty. I admire you for that Lilith, but then again, you are very selfless. Hell if they asked you for a heart transplant I’d bet you would be the first one in line.” Akeem smiles making me fall in love with him even more.

“Thank you. I love you Akeem.” “I love you too Lil. You know… we could always get practice in with making our own kid.” He smirks and I knew what that meant. I kissed him and we were soon making our way up to our room. Maybe this choice won’t be so bad.

*This story was partly written in collab with Blams, author of an insanely awesome story called Light the Way To Heaven. Matter of fact, I’m sure most of you are in fact loyal followers, or lurkers of her story. The part where Lilith is telling Akeem about her internet friend that shares his first name with her last can be read upon here: Le Clicky Click! This chapter is Lilith’s first appearance in the story and gives you the other side of this story. It also gives the fate of Lilith’s first born. Don’t worry, I’m making a circle back to how it all ties together. Epilogues are next… or is it just epilogue? Either way, this is the last episode but not the last installment of this story. 

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Episode 4 – Downfall

Le Author’s Note: One more chapter after this! Bad Photoshop skills.



You what!?” I hissed into the phone, careful not to wake Akeem. We had been talking all night, my father and I. I had just found out that my dad basically made a deal with Death himself to give my life away so he could be free of the responsibilities of being a god.

“I wasn’t planning on any of you to have my hair. Genetically speaking, my DNA is very rare and–“ “Jay has YOUR eyes!” I heard my father sigh on the other end. “It’s complicated Lilith, your life is your own as long as you… well no… I should’ve really thought about this more.”YOU THINK!?” I yelled, I didn’t care if I woke Akeem, if anything I needed his support. My life is stolen. I’m doomed to die and become a servant of Death! Wait…

“Shouldn’t I have died at birth then?” I ask my father and it was like I could feel his eyes go wide. “Yes… you should have. I’m coming there. Don’t go anywhere.” He says and before I could protest he hung up. Well, at least I’ll get a more in depth explanation. I shrug my shoulders and look to Akeem… he hasn’t moved. I know I yelled, not loud enough for the whole place to hear but enough to wake someone up and I also know Akeem isn’t a heavy sleeper most days. I walk over to him and don’t see his chest rising and falling. I panicked. I bolted out the room and yelled for his parents and brother, within seconds they were there by his side. Bakari left to call a doctor and Shaheen order Cairo to fetch some supplies.

“Is… is he…?” “He’s going to be ok.” Shaheen says but he mumbled something else under his breath. I deciphered it as ‘At least, I hope so.’



 Hours of waiting passed with Shaheen shooing me out the room for a moment to get everything in order. Every time I asked what was going on I was met with a grief stricken look from both Akeem’s mom and brother. Shaheen even sent the doctor that was called away. Saying something about him not being able to help because this wasn’t just a regular sickness. He spotted the necklace I was currently wearing instead of fiddling with and sighed.

“If I knew your father left that I would’ve hidden it away long ago.” He said. That was when a knock came on the door and my father was standing there. Of course he and Shaheen had to get reacquainted but I was just itching to tear into him about what he did. Besides, I needed something to take my mind off of Akeem who was currently, slightly, stable. Cairo was monitoring him now.

“My adventurous daughter… How have you been besides great, apparently. Going off to Egypt without your mother’s nor I’s knowledge? Really Lilith, what were you thinking?” He rounds on me and I stand firm. Shaheen took that as a cue to head back upstairs to relieve Cairo of his duties and leave my father and I alone.

“Why don’t we sit down daddy?” He sighs. “Yeah, it’s inevitable now.” We make out way to the dining room.


“Alright, spill. What did you mean by you making a deal with Death?” I start. “When I was young, stupid, and naïve I did something I heavily regret now.” “I mean, what did you get in return?” I ask him and he looked solemn for a moment before talking again. “My life Lilith, being free of not having a normal life. I mean, no one really wants to be a god. My role would have been to stay in a dark chamber for the rest of my days, collecting souls to send to the actually reaper. I just… I couldn’t do that, no matter how much they prepared me for it.” My dad explains.

“So do you remember the exact exchange between you and… Death? I mean, the terms and conditions… why haven’t I…?” ” ‘If you free me of my fate I will grant to you my first born. They must have my hair for you to take them and if they do not, you must wait.’ He readily agreed to that. I’m still not sure why… Although you are a triplet, you were still the first one with my hair.”

“Perhaps me being a multiple cancelled it out? I bet that’s it.” I speculate and my dad shakes his head. “Could be, maybe not. We’ll leave it for now and I’ll tell you a little more about my past if you want.” I smile and make myself comfortable. I can’t wait to learn about what I might be able to do.


My father and I talked for a few hours before he sent me up to check on Akeem. I volunteered to stay and let Shaheen rest for a bit and caught myself on the brink of tears. All of this has happened so fast and I wasn’t ready to give up hope. I clutched my necklace and prayed to the heavens that Akeem would pull through this. I start reciting what my father told me to say:

You, our Reaper. You, our Commander.
Come forth and show me. Come forth and tell me.
I summon thee, thy Agent of Death.

I peek down at Akeem and notice no change to him. Looking around the room I also found nothing new. I waited a few minutes… then a few more, and a few more until I felt a sense of failure.

“Of course that wouldn’t work. Summon the Grim Reaper… jeez dad.” I sigh and look at Akeem once more, surveying every detail of his. He was handsome, more than I actually saw initially. He still never took off those headphones he loved so much… or his hat. God he was flawless… he was–

I stop mid thought when I notice the ghastly, boney hand slowly inching towards Akeem’s face. I stood still watching it until it was dangerously close to touching his face and I don’t know why but, I was terrified of what might happen if it did. “Hey…” was all I said and the hand stopped moving. I looked up.

“Grim. Death. Thanatos. Which do you prefer?” I question and the entity simply looked at me. My anger was flaring and my mind was simply thinking with sarcasm and snark. I was about to throw a barrage of questions at him but before I could he spoke one word.


“Yeah, that’s me. Why didn’t you kill me when I was born or in the womb, or–”

Silence, Daughter of Anubis. He commanded and I immediately shut up. He had the strongest aura I have ever felt and I was suffocating in it. It was abysmal, thick, and authoritative. I was not my father, I could not challenge this being.

You are what I have been waiting for. We must talk in my plane.

And that’s when I felt myself falling but… I was still standing and staring at him.

“What did you do?”

My plane.

“Why can’t I move?” Instead of answering he advanced towards me slowly. I commanded my body to move but it wasn’t listening and I was stuck in place. From what I could gather everything was still the same, the only difference is that wherever we were, time was standing still.

“I refuse to let you hurt him.” I say with more courage than I felt. He simply smirked.

I do not want him. There is a way.

“Wh-what?” I stammer. It’s becoming increasingly hard to speak.

You want to save him, no?

“I do. I need to.”

You came here for answers of your heritage. You are a child of Anubis. You have some power of life… to give back.

“I… do?”

He moves fast when he wants to. Before I knew it he was gripping me and looking me dead in my eye with his soulless ones.

I let you live to help. I gave you powers that will only manifest when the time is right for them. You are tied to me by my selfish intentions only.

I was struggling to breath in these close quarters and talking was definitely not an option right now. I had no clue how to convey this to him but somehow I already knew he knew what he was doing.

I adore you Lilith Xavier, who you are, what you are. I love it. If I wanted to I would have taken you long ago. When you were walking home alone at night or when you almost got struck by that vehicle on your way to work. But I also have sympathy for you and I felt your sorrow with him. You can save him, I will teach you. On one condition…

He lets me go and steps back, leaving me to fall to the ground and try and recover my breathe. Warily I choked out, “How?”

Your first born with him. I will take it, in exchange for his life.

I stare dumbfounded at him. Just like my father except I wasn’t proposing it. I think about Akeem and I think about my life. I think about my life without Akeem and how dull it would be. Would this be selfish? How does he know Akeem and I will stay together? There isn’t way… is there? “Ok.”


You have the power to give life. I will teach you.

And so he did. After of which he left when he was sure I wouldn’t break our deal. I wouldn’t… I also decided never to leave Akeem side. I would need him now more than ever.

I fell asleep on him. I know it would probably prolong his recovery but I honestly couldn’t help it. I have a feeling he wouldn’t have minded if he knew.

“I love you Lilith Xavier. Don’t you ever forget that.”


…And our deal.

Episode 3: Origins


It was the next morning and I slipped from under Akeem’s head to freshen up a bit. After all, our clothes were back at the base so I needed to do something to feel cleaner. When I came back into his room I found him sitting up, gasping for breath like he just got the wind knocked out of him. I immediately rushed over, slightly remembering the dinner conversation and his mention of an illness.

“Akeem, are you alright?” I ask him and he doesn’t answer. I notice his eyes were dull, like the life from them took a vacation. “Akeem?”

“I… feel… I’m sorry Lilith, I just felt lightheaded for a while, I couldn’t breathe. Must be the dust…” He smirks slightly; trying to show me he was alright. It didn’t fool me. I simply furrowed my brow and he lets out a soft chuckle. “What is the illness you have? Tell me, maybe I can help. Please.” I say and he sighs, coughing afterwards. I wait until he’s done and ask him again what illness he has. “It’s terminal. They say its some form of cancer but do not know for sure. I just know I have to get shots weekly for it, if not, it goes back to how I was when I was younger. There is no cure, but being around you makes me feel better.” Akeem explains to me. I sat back, staring at him in shock. It’s not that I didn’t understand what he told me, it’s just, unbelievable.

“What are you saying Akeem…?” I was stumped, completely and utterly thrown off the course I was walking on. How could he keep something like this from me?


Akeem slid off the couch onto the floor too. Getting a good look at his face I could tell he was exhausted, the gravity of this whole trip must be weighing down on him heavily.

“You’re an idiot. If you need weekly shots back in Auberon, and we’re in Egypt now, how do you expect to survive?” I question him with my anger building up. Akeem simply looked at me and shook his head. “In short, Lileeth, I am dying. I will die before this year is up, the medicine isn’t as effective as it used to be.” No… it can’t be. We just got together, unofficially but still, I did want to see where it would go. I didn’t plan for this, not the death of my best friend.

“How did you survive as a child then? Did you not have doctors here who could help?” “Had doctors, lots of them. None helped. Not even the doctor I have now helps. The shots simply prolong my time a little. When I was a small child, Ma-ma used to make a type of concoction for me to drink when I felt really bad… as a matter of fact, when I was little a lot of people did a lot of things for me.”

“Then why don’t we ask them for help? I’m sure one of–” “Lilith, my desert rose, do you want to know why I ran away from here?” “Of course! If you had the means to stay here and get help with the money–” “It’s not about the money. It’s about the people and my father. I hated them both, equally. My father slightly less now. I grew up in a lavish household yes, alongside Cairo. We were loved by both parents equally but my father was more hard on me because I was supposed to be his heir. The first born son.”


“I spent hours rigorously training to be something I hated so I decided to run. Yes I would have to leave Cairo and Ma-ma behind but if they could not stop my father then they couldn’t help. My health issue didn’t rear it’s head until I came to Auberon at 10. That’s when I almost died on the streets because of some illness I thought would go away if I got out of here, away from father. I always kept to myself when I was younger but I had one friend who helped me survive in Auberon. After he found me shivering on the streets, took me to the nearest hospital, and they examined me to the point where they found out my sickness is terminal, I felt slightly relieved. After all, I escaped my fate of my father. Downside was that I’ll die sooner than expected. Child labor was strictly forbidden in Auberon but Teach gave me a job and a place to stay. Clothes on my back, food on the table, a bed to sleep in.”

“Who’s Teach…?” I interrupt him and he smiled. “Teach was… my teacher, guardian, savior… He was like the father I always wanted… the type of father I needed. Told me more about my obsession which was supernaturals in the past… it changed when I met you. Teach also taught me how to… live off of the streets, since we basically did. Stealing was not a high point in my life but, survival is brutal.” He stops, looking at me, seeing my reaction. Did that change my view of him? I want to say yes but in all honesty it didn’t. It made me respect him a little more for fighting to survive but I can tell that he was the same younger as he is now. Nice, funny, fiercely loyal… Akeem.

“That doesn’t change what I think about you. I still… like you. But I also hate you for dropping that bomb shell on me. I can’t lose you Akeem, not when I hardly got the chance to know you. The real you…” I say to him and he sighs a little.

“I promised myself I would marry you before I die but… Can I do something to you, Lilith? Something you might not want right now?” Wary, I ask what, he smirks an beckons me closer to him.


I instinctively put my hand up to his face when he closed the distance between us and our lips touched. It felt more normal this time around and I found myself kissing him back. He pulled away and looked me dead in my eyes.

“Lilith. I will leave you, I have to. It is my fate. It will be soon. I will die but you must accept that and cope with it. I love you Lilith, that will never change, dead or alive.” He says with absolute certainty. It felt wrong but his statement made me want to find my answers faster. He doesn’t know this and his absolute certainty made this an absolute certainty; I will find a way to cure him. No matter what the costs.



That day went on normally, I spent most of my time hovering next to Akeem watching him but at some point I guess he got annoyed and sent me to his father to see if there was anything else he could tell me. That was a bust. Shaheen simply told me to contact my father again to see what else he could tell me. What interesting piece of information he did give me was the place where my father’s trials were held. I found myself raring to go with Akeem reluctantly following me. “I need to keep you safe somehow.” He told me, I questioned his health and wanted him to lay down but he said that wouldn’t help even if he wanted to, so he followed me to the pyramid the people of Egypt use very seldom now a days.


“Lilith… do you really think it’s wise to go through this whole place? What if you don’t find anything? What if something kills us? Darts are flying out of the floor right there!” He expresses his worry and I laugh it off, walking a clear straight path to the door leading deeper into the pyramid. “Come on Akeem, I can feel me solving my origins!” I call to him.


A little further in we came to a room where when we entered, a fire trap activated behind us.

“You have got to be shitting me. Are you serious Lilith?” “Suck it up Akeem. Plus if you didn’t want to come, I told you–” “I wasn’t going to sit on my ass when my girl is putting her life in danger for something important to her… let’s just get this over with.” He says defeated. His girl? I won’t lie, I was starting to feel slightly more comfortable with the title of boyfriend/girlfriend; but finding my answers deemed a little more important in my mind. I smirked to myself and continued on through the tomb. Akeem followed behind slowly and for what seemed like ages, we finally made it to the end. Or at least, what I assumed to be the end; Anubis’ room. It was an inhumanely, small, unappealing room with a simple bed and end table in the middle. On the table was an item, of course I took it. Perhaps when I describe it to my father he’ll tell me something. I grabbed Akeem’s hand and we made our way back to his parent’s home.



We got back and Akeem immediately went to his bed. His breathing was ragged and Bakari was in the mist of mixing what she used to make for him. It still didn’t change the fact that I was worried to death for him.

“Shh, Lileeth… I’ll be fine. Just need some rest.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “How can I not worry when it just feels like you’re fading away every second that passes? Why are you staring at the clock?” I ask, slightly panicking. His eyes meet mine briefly and he smiles. “I’m counting down… you’ll have to take my advice some time and I’m seeing how long it takes.” “You’re joking? At a time like this!?” Just then Bakari comes in with tea, soup and another liquid in a small vial.

“Akeem has always found time to smile in the worst situations. One time, Cairo fell down and scraped his arm really bad. Akeem made him laugh by telling him the silliest knock knock jokes I ever heard.” She says while mixing the contents of the vial in both the soup and tea. “Ma-ma, you know I hate tea. Why do you curse me so?” Akeem asked and Bakari shot him an icy glare. He immediately lost his smile and laid down. “Yes Ma-ma…” he mumbles before she turns to me.

“Make him ingest it all. He’ll need it.” She says and walks away, leaving Akeem and I alone. I look at him and he manages to smile once again. “I really hate tea, you know.” I shake my head and get on it making him eat and drink. After he was done he soon fell into a soft slumber and I was left alone to twiddle the object I acquired from the tomb. Well, now was a good time as any to call my dad.


“Hi daddy… No, actually, I’m in Egypt….”

“Then I guess it’s time.”

Episode 2: Egypt

Warning: This is lengthy. Enjoy


We landed. We actually made it to Egypt and all it took was me quitting my job and an hour to pack. When I told Akeem that I quit work before our flight, he looked happy, but on the plane ride, he looked downright terrified and sort of sick. I kept asking him what was wrong but he just waved me off saying he was fine, just nerves since he never flew before. I don’t believe that for a second but whatever. He still never told me what he needs to tell me either so I’ve been in a cloud of uncertain curiousness.

We were staying in a tourist type place. I had seen many types of people from all over the world but the only thing I could think of was my history. Is this the place where I can finally find the answers to my questions? I should call dad but he would probably go ballistic or something. Oh well, at least I have Akeem. The first thing we did when we set our bags down in our room (yes we were sharing a room… something I’m kinda nervous about for some reason) was head to the local and only market.


I looked around one store with Akeem following close behind me. It was a small store, not much more than a stone shed and the clerk looked at me like I was crazy. I simply walked up to him, determined to find some answers.


Assuming he spoke English, I asked if he saw anyone around looking suspicious.

“Suspicious like how?” He asked me and thank the gods he spoke English.

“Like they were looking for something…? I um, well I’m not sure how they would look.” I say to him.

“Only person looking for something is you, you want to buy or not?” the man said rudely. Akeem sighed a little, I know he was probably jet-lagged but I just couldn’t shake the feeling of something important happening while we were here in Egypt.

“Lilith, can we just go? We can start searching tomorrow.” He says quietly and I simply turn away from the man behind the counter and walk out of the little shop. Akeem inhaled sharply when we were outside and I was about to ask what was wrong but he cut me off.

“Let’s go, now. Anywhere but here.” Whispering only loud enough for me to hear. I looked around, the market was vastly empty and the only other person was a boy in a red shirt. He hardly looked threatening.


“Akeem what’s–”

“Shhh!” But by that time I already lost my patience. It was very thin from the plane ride anyway.

“Don’t shush me! Why are you acting so weird all of a sudden? No, not all of a sudden, but all day Akeem!” I yelled and he dragged me out of the market but not before the boy in the red shirt noticed us, staring in confusion.


“Did that girl say Akeem?”


“The hell Akeem!?” I yell at him when he stopped pulling me along. He was looking nervous and out of breath from my struggling (god I never knew he was so strong) but I was still mad at him.


“Lilith, please. I’ll tell you ok? I’ll tell you everything.” He says softly and for a moment, that soothed my rising anger towards him. I crossed my arms, waiting for him to start.

“Uhm…” He starts out but doesn’t say anymore.

“Uhm what? Start explaining mister! Why’d you freak out when you saw that boy? Who is he?” I question him.

“Ok, well… first off, my family is here.” he says and I honestly wanted to slap him. “That boy was, er, is my brother. His name is Cairo. You see Lilith, I ran away from home at a very young age because my family… is… royalty. I didn’t want the crown, still don’t actually. I ran away because my father was pushing me to be his heir.”

“So, let me just get this straight. You’re a prince, you ran away because you don’t want to be… king? Egypt doesn’t even have a king Akeem! You made your family worry because you were a coward?” I say to him, seeing every word I said cut him.

“Lilith… I was stupid, young, naive… what do you want me to say? I made mistakes, I’m sorry.” And that’s when I lost it. I slapped him and he stared at the ground, hurt forming in his eyes.


“You lied to me! You lied to me ever since we met, that’s four going on five years Akeem! Is your last name even Hayden?? Do you even live in Auberon? What else have you lied about!?”


“If, I may interrupt…” A new voice says. I look up to see that boy in the red shirt… Akeem’s brother… staring at us. “My name is Cairo, as I’m sure my brother here has told you. He really did deserve that slap but maybe not all the hostility?” Cairo says, an amused smile playing on his face. I glared at him and he immediately lost that smile.

“Cairo… how did you know it was me?” Akeem asks him completely avoiding my gaze. Good, I can’t stand the sight of him right now.


“Well, when you left I never stopped looking for you. Neither has father or mother. Then, when we got the internet, well… I found a picture of you from college… You’ve changed brother. You weren’t one to lie when you were here.” Cairo finishes and glances back at me. “Of course, I’m not entirely sure what this lovely woman has ever done to deserve such disrespect.”


“Nothing, I’m an idiot… I uh… Father?” Akeem says awkwardly.

“Oh he was very angry when he found out you disappeared… but he’s mellowed out now. Come on, let’s go see them. They would want to meet who you’re dating too.”


“We are NOT dating! I would never EVER date a liar.” I state and turn on my heel to walk back to our base camp. I was so angry with Akeem. I thought I could trust him but I was wrong… completely wrong. I heard footsteps approach and looked back to see Akeem following me.

“Go away. Go see your family. Leave me alone, I’m going to do this alone.” I say to him, seriously annoyed with his stupid face. But instead of doing what I said he walked a little faster and stood in front of me, grabbing my shoulders and staring into my eyes.


“Lilith Rose Xavier. I. Fucked. Up. I know I did you wrong. I know lying to you was the biggest mistake I could have ever made. I know no amount of ‘I’m sorry’ is going to make up for it but I will gain your trust back. You are the most important person to me and I want, no, I need you to know that.” He says. I blinked once, feeling him shaking, whether from guilt or something else I don’t know but I do know he’s genuinely sorry for what he did.


“I… accept your apology. But, you’re going to have to build our trust back up… now let me go.” I say and he let me go but before I could take a step, Akeem grabbed me and kissed me. Hard.


I stared in shock for a few moments before coming to my senses. Akeem kissed me. He kissed me and I was immensely confused as to why.

“Why did you–“

“You know why Lilith. And don’t you dare lie and say you never suspected a thing because I know you did. I know it.” Akeem says firmly, shutting down the denial I was feeling. Yes, I guess I did know that he liked me… I just never really acknowledged it because I had bigger things to attend to, still do actually.

“How am I supposed to respond to that then? What do you want me to do?” I ask quietly.


“You can love it, nurture it, or something. Just don’t reject it… I couldn’t live with myself knowing that you don’t… that you…” He couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Alright.” I say simply. This feeling that I have, it’s new. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love but maybe this is what it feels like? Like when you look at their face you feel like you’re walking on air, even if they did just lie to you. Even if he was still a big mystery to me. Even if he doesn’t change his face right now I was going to cry because I know he’s been waiting so long to hear me say that I love him…. but I don’t, I think I don’t. I just know that I don’t want him to ever feel like he betrayed me again and to be happy all the time like he was back home. I want…

“We can take it slow. I won’t say that I’m your girlfriend or anything but we can take this slow. Ok?” I ask him and see him nod slightly.

“Not girlfriend but we are together, we just won’t label it yet. But… no other man can have you now.” Akeem says, his eyes looking playful. I smiled, I was happy to agree to that. I was his, but I wasn’t his girlfriend… good enough. For now at least.

“It’s getting late… You two should come to the palace.” I heard Cairo’s voice. Was he standing there all the time? I saw Akeem’s face go bleak but before I could say anything about it he took my hand and led me in the opposite direction of where we were staying for our trip. I was curious about his parents. He always seemed scared to even hear about them but here we are, marching straight there with Cairo leading.

“What are your parents like?” I ask him and he sighed.


“My father is an alchemist and my mother is a fortune teller. They’re your basic normal family with a touch of magic.” Akeem says and at the word magic I got excited.

“Are you saying that…?”

“No, my family are only mortals. They just have a strong connection with the magic realm… My father might be able to help you though. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hate me first.” he replies but I still didn’t lose hope. Perhaps one of his parents can tell me something.


We arrived at Akeem’s old home and I was astounded to find that it was really quite modest… for palace standards.

“Just like I remember it… intimidating. Are they in there Cairo?” Akeem questions and his brother nods.

“They always are, they hardly ever leave since you left. They’re more than likely at their usual stations, father at his alchemy station, mother right beside him at her crystal ball… Come on! Let’s go see their faces when you walk in!” Cairo laughs and open the door.


Inside it was quite dark and Akeem grabbed my arm and pulled me to the couch to sit while Cairo went to get their parents. I gazed around for a few moments before losing interest and turned to Akeem.

“So this is where you grew up? You must’ve been a popular little boy.” I say to him and he chuckled a little.

“Popular, sure. If by popular you mean girls wanting to date me only because I was royalty or guys trying to use me then yeah sure, I was hella popular. But that’s another reason why I left Lilith. I wanted to see what life would be like without that status… turns out it’s great.” He laughs and for a while, he was back to his old self, joking around and being playful. Then we heard footsteps approach and his mood immediately changed back to being reserved.


Akeem stood when he saw them. I followed suit standing a little ways behind him. Smiling nervously because they weren’t saying anything; just staring. What are they thinking?


“Mother, father. I assume Cairo has told you…?” Akeem starts and his parents stared some more before his father spoke.


“My son, how you’ve grown. Runaway. Lie. Stole. Deceit… only a few of the things you have done. What made you come back?” His father asks and Akeem’s shoulder fall slightly. He looks down at the floor and doesn’t speak for a moment until his mother hugs him.


“My desert flower. You’ve returned… We’ve missed you so much Akeem.” “I’ve missed you too Ma-ma…” “Your health, how is it? You look stronger now.” “It’s getting better Ma-ma, I pray it stays this way.” I overhear Akeem and his mother which raised even more questions. Akeem’s health? I thought he was the healthiest person I ever known.


“Gold hair… you must be his child.” Akeem’s father stared at me, making me uncomfortable. “Uhm… I uh. Who are you talking about?”


“You, young one. You are his daughter, Anubis. What is your name?” “Shaheen, it is rude of you to ask that without introducing ourselves. Forgive him, he’s always been like this. My name is Bakari, I’m Akeem’s mother as you may have guessed. This man right here is my lovely husband; Shaheen. Akeem, you must tell us about your lady friend. She is quite beautiful.” Bakari says brightly. I blush and thank her while Akeem looks sheepish.

“Mother… father, this is Lilith. I met her in college a while back. We’re practically best friends. Let us sit, my tale is a long one.” Akeem says sounding completely different than when he’s alone with me or Ariel… or back in America for that reason. It’s amazing to see him so… docile.

“I’ll start dinner then.” His mother says and his father huffs but follows his wife to the kitchen. “So Lilith, tell me… your username on a certain forum wouldn’t happen to be–” “You’re VictoriousOne? No way! Well, actually I guess there is a way.” I cut him off. I had almost forgot about my earlier experience until he said something. “Your name is Cairo, you’re username fits well.” I say and he laughs. “As does yours Lily, as does yours. We must get to know each other better and I must thank you a million times for bringing my brother back!” Cairo exclaims to me and I see Akeem flinch. “Can we sit down now? I’m getting tired.” he says and his younger brother nods, a flash of concern comes across his face but he turns away before I could analyze it properly. Akeem’s mother said something about his health too…


After a while the food was ready and everyone sat down to eat. Akeem’s mother somehow prepared Shawarma, Falafel, and Baked Angel Food cake for us to eat and it was all delicious.

“Akeem, tell us about your life in America. What did you do, how did you survive?” Bakari asks, breaking the quiet and Akeem stops chewing mid bite. “I uh–” “Do not talk with your mouth full boy. We have raised you better than that.” Akeem swallows his food and apologizes. I felt slightly out of place with his family. Not that they weren’t friendly enough, just I don’t know about them enough to have any valuable input. Although I did want to ask them all the questions buzzing around in my head, Akeem needed time to get back acquainted with them. So I simply waited, after all, I wanted to know Akeem’s past too.

“I caught a boat to America… at least that’s where it took me. I would’ve caught a boat anywhere as long as I didn’t have to stay here. I lived on the streets for a few years; like Aladdin, except I didn’t have a pet monkey, I had a pet cat. A fiercely loyal feline, Ra helped me through depression and finding food to eat. I found odd jobs around and saved up enough to get my BA in college. Then I got three jobs just because I could and got a small house. I hardly live there though, mostly I stay with Lilith and Ariel, or just sleep in my car when I don’t want to go home. It’s lonely there.” “So big brother has two girls. Lucky, I can’t even get one.” “Shut up Cairo, I only have one.” Akeem retorts.

“How did you afford a car?” Shaheen asks his son. Akeem smirked, “I know a few tricks father.” “Akeem, I told you not to use magic for selfish things. How was your health there? You know–” “Ma-ma, I found a doctor. He was treating me.” Treating? As in, Akeem has some sort of disease or something? Why has he never told me about this?


“Akeem, how did you… afford it?” “The money from my jobs.” “Why haven’t you ever told me that you were sick?” I ask him quietly. He looks hurt, genuinely hurt. “I’ll tell you about Lilith, I promise, just, not right now okay?” I glare at him but didn’t say anything more. Did Ariel know about his health too?

Dinner was slightly awkward after that. Mostly they talked about how much Akeem changed or about life without him. It was when Akeem brought up the reason he was here in the first place that I finally got to join in.

“Father, as you have no doubt noticed, Lilith here is one of Anubis’ children.” “One of? He had more?” “I have 4 siblings in total. Two of which are also my dad’s kids. Liberty and Jay; we’re triplets.” I explain to him and Shaheen looks slightly impressed. “But you were chosen to be the one… fascinating.” He says quietly. “Oh father, While I was online looking for Akeem I came across a forum. Lilith was on it and I promised her that I would ask you for help with her issue. But now that she’s here…” Cairo trails off, his eyes shining.

“I see… Lilith, would you like to see the mystic aspects of… well, Anubis’ younger years?” Shaheen asks me and I nod vigorously. “That’s the whole reason why I’m here. To find answers…” I say and he smiles slightly. “Then we shall excuse ourselves and I will show you what I know.



“In this tome is where I have stored various information on the gods of Egypt. One such section is about your father; Anubis. The other sections range from the other gods to alchemy elixirs and potions for others. Read it, tell me what more you would want to know.” Shaheen says to me when we got upstairs to the third floor. He opened a large book that sat on a podium and flipped to a certain page. It marked the beginning of my father’s life as a god and he beckoned me over to read it. And I did, intently. It was morning before I even knew time had passed.

I learned that as a young boy, my father never even wanted to take on the role of a god. The Egyptian people took him in as their own and inducted him into the process of training…. I read on to the side written notes scrawled around the page I was on currently.

‘Exam 1: God of Embalming and Death received extraordinary high marks for their first set of trials.’

‘Exam 7: Child chosen for the role of Anubis continues to show unusual connection to the underworld. Must study him further.’

I skipped ahead a few pages to see if there were any notations of the process of the exams themselves but found none. Then, one thing caught my eye; it was a symbol, oddly western. A simple skull and crossbones. Next to it was what seemed like a hastily written note;The child of Anubis Anubis himself now, he has done his last exam. Passed with flying colors, not unusual. At the end there was another figure in the chamber with the child man. Hooded figure, gave off an omnipresent feeling. Strange for the man has always been tested a lone from the others. Who is this?’ 

I flipped a few pages further; ‘The god Anubis has decided to leave, never to do his duties again. Immortality he does not want.’ It ended there with nothing more about my father. I turned back to Akeem’s father looking on solemnly at the book.

“What… really happened with my dad here?” I questioned him. He nodded towards the book, “Everything written has happened. Even when your father summoned what you would call ‘The Grim Reaper’ himself. Of course we did not understand it then–“

“How… do you… know my dad?” “My father. He was the one who found my friend and took him into our home as one of his own. We were brothers, if not by blood, we grew up together as brothers. That is how I still revere him. Anubis only became a god because he was destined to, just as you are Lilith.”

“Whoa, wait, what? I’m just a normal… really?” “Perhaps you should contact your father. I would enjoy seeing my brother again.” Shaheen tells me and beckons me to follow him back downstairs. As soon as we left I started to feel insanely tired and he noticed. He pointed me to Akeem’s old bedroom where I found Akeem himself sleeping soundly on the couch in his room.


I made why over to him and he stirred awake before I even got all the way to the couch. “Did you find out more?” He asked me groggily. “Yes. Go back to sleep Akeem.” “Can I lay on you?” I thought for a moment before deciding it wouldn’t hurt and agreed. When his head touched my legs I could feel he was already back asleep, leaving me with my thoughts of my dad and what he felt when he experienced his induction. Perhaps an inquisitive call home would help, not like I’m going to be sleeping for a while anyway.

Episode 1: The Talent Troupe


Come on Lilith, you can do this. Just turn the computer on and Google it… No harm, no foul. Plus you want to learn about your history right? ….After all, daddy won’t tell me. So I have to find it out on my own.


Ok, turn computer on; done. Now to type it in.

And I did. What today consisted of was being off from work again and looking up info on this Talent Troupe thing. What Ariel and Akeem had told me about. ‘Talent Troupe’ the phrase ran through my mind once more before clicking on a link that took me to a website that show a vastly white page with a video and two buttons. My curiosity grew as I stared at the title of the video; “Our Life“.


I sat in silence after the video ended. I knew that there was violence between naturals and supernaturals, I knew most people would turn a blind eye to a supernatural in need… what I didn’t know was the answers I could find if I join this… this movement. I could feel the answers I was seeking waiting for me and before I even had time to register what was happening my mouse was over the “Join Us” button, clicking it.


After filling out the form with all my basic info, I lounged around looking at forum topics. Apparently, you could also start a chat on someone’s profile page, a chat anyone could join if they felt like it unless you blocked them. I didn’t really know how to feel about that part but it couldn’t be all that bad. I was busy reading the various forums when I spotted something flashing in the upper right hand corner. A #1 signifying that someone started a chat on my profile.

VictoriousOne: Hello, I see that you are new here too. Do you mind if I ask why you’re here?

Before typing my response I thought about who this VictoriousOne could be. A fellow supernatural supporter? A poser? A regular human? Someone like me? I suppose it didn’t matter too much… not really.

Lily_Bell: Hey, I’m only here to look for answers about my family. Trying to figure out some stuff, that’s all.

VictoriousOne: Oh, alright. Kind of the same for me. I’m searching for my brother.

Lily_Bell: Searching? He went missing then?

VictoriousOne: More like ran away. It’s been years since we last heard from or saw him.

Lily_Bell: Oh, so why are you on this site then?

VictoriousOne: He loves all things supernatural so I figured this website would be a good place to start.

Lily_Bell: I don’t mean to pry but what’s his name?

VictoriousOne: Akeem Kassir, ever heard of him? He’s an Egyptian native so maybe not lol.

I stopped typing for a moment to think. Akeem’s last name wasn’t Kassir, it was Hayden. But weird that this person was looking for an Akeem.

Lily_Bell: Sorry, no one comes to mind. I do have a friend named Akeem but his last name is Hayden.

VictoriousOne: Where is he from?

Lily_Bell: I don’t really know. He never told me. Not to change the subject or anything but do you know anything about Anubis?

VictoriousOne: The Egyptian god? Who doesn’t? Why do you ask?

Lily_Bell: Well the answers I’m looking for might lie in Egypt and might be connected to him.

VictoriousOne: Mysterious, hey I gotta go but here’s the deal. My dad is an alchemist so I’m sure he’ll know some stuff about what you’re looking for. I’ll ask him later.

Lily_ Bell: Alright, talk to you later?

VictoriousOne: You know it lol.

And with that he signed off. I sighed and got up from the computer, deciding it was time for a walk. Maybe I can try to come up with a way to get to Egypt then.



“Akeem, that’s stupid.” Ariel says harshly.

“Yeah I know. It’s the only thing I can think of though. Knowing Lilith–“

“This isn’t about Lilith! This is about your health you idiot. Do you really think that going to Egypt will help? Yes Lilith is nuts about it but you aren’t. You told me yourself that you would never go back because you feel that it would all end there, so why are you going?”

“Because of her Ariel. You know my feelings about her and you’re the only person besides my family that knows about my condition. I’m asking you as a friend, let me do this. I know my limits with my health.” Akeem says feeling defeated even though he’s going anyway. Nothing can stop him now. He already bought the tickets, packed, and took time off of his three jobs. All that’s left is to get Lilith in order so she can find out about her history… all of this is for Lilith.


“I know I’m stupid for doing this, but I can’t shake these feelings I’m getting. The more I think about going back the more I actually want to. It’s… hard to explain but Ariel, please, just let me do this. I’m leaving her ticket in her room. And don’t say anything… please.” Akeem says taking Lilith’s ticket out with a piece of paper. He stares at it for a moment, hearing Ariel sigh, he goes to put them on Lilith’s dresser. Hopefully she’ll find them.

“See you later Akeem…” Ariel says watching him walk out the door but he doesn’t reply back.



My walk took me to one place I never thought I would go. Even the reason why I was here was a mystery to me. Jamie’s house. Why here brain? What does she have to do with anything going on with me? Instead of answering, my body moved on it’s own and I soon found myself standing right in front of her doorstep. Little did I know she was coming out of her house too.


“Lilith Xavier. So horrible to see you… unless you have good news for me about you and Akeem breaking up?” Jaime says which, no matter how many times she says it, still shocks me. Akeem and I aren’t dating, why does everyone think we are?

“We aren’t dating Jamie… plus I don’t even know why I’m here. I just had an urge to talk to somebody.” I say to her.

“An urge to talk? Well, too bad because we have absolutely nothing in common. You don’t shop as much as I do, you aren’t as pretty as me, and you aren’t even a supernatural. Plus the only thing I want to actually hear out your mouth is that Akeem is begging to be with me.” Jaime says, forever the bitch she is. Wait… did she just say…?

“You’re a supernatural? That’s great, I think. Have you ever heard of the Talent Troupe?” I ask her and she looks even more offended.

“The T.T.? Uh, yeah I’ve heard of them, I’m a member, duh. I am a witch after all so I was bound to get involved anyway. My witch sisters and I are totally liberating our kind or whatever… why? You aren’t a witch are you?? If so, ew.”

“I’m not a witch, no. At least, I don’t think I am… how would you know?” I ask her, hating the fact that she thinks she’s better than me, than everybody.

“Uh well, duh, you would know when you were like a baby. I’ve heard of late bloomers but you’re like waaaay too old to be one. Late bloomers are like, 16. After that, you know you aren’t a witch or wizard. Is that all? I’m late for my date.”

I nod, stepping out of her way and follow her down her porch steps. Well, now I know I’m not a witch nor werewolf, fairy nor vampire… what else is there? I sigh and turn towards the way of my apartment building and begin to walk the long-ish way home.



When I got home, Ariel was no where to be found. I thought about knocking on her bedroom door but decided against it. Ra, being the well behaved cat that he is, was sleeping under the living room table. I opened my bedroom door to find my mail sitting on my desk along with something else. Upon closer inspection I found a note from Akeem and a plane ticket to… Egypt? Feeling curious I read at Akeem’s note to see what he had to say.


Sorry this came on so suddenly but I had to do it. To help you and to get my mind off of some stuff. I got us (Meaning you and I) tickets to Egypt. I have a strong feeling that you didn’t find what you were looking for on that website (Don’t ask why, I just do) so I went and did the insane. I took time off from my jobs and everything. Now all that’s left is for you to pack and to call off work. I’ll be picking you up and 6 in the morning tomorrow. Also, there’s a lot you don’t know about me yet. I’ll explain later though.

Let’s do this kid.

Love Akeem

I put his note down and picked up the plane ticket, twirling it in my hands. I wonder what Akeem has to tell me though… it doesn’t seem too bad but still, I hope it’s nothing horrible. Smiling, I put the ticket down and got to work on what Akeem suggested I do. Take time off work and pack. I can’t believe it… I was actually going to Egypt. I was actually going to find the answers I’m looking for.


Le Author’s Note: Not much to say except, I found my writing muse again! And my urge to play again! I actually plotted out Lilith’s story too. What it consists of is a prologue (done), 5 episodes (one down, 4 to go), and an epilogue (who knows how many installments). I’m super excited! Wooooo!! I missed seeing Lilith’s and Akeem’s faces… now to write a chapter for my official legacy. Oh P.S., I hate the new wordpress T-T.

(Prologue) Chapter 2: The Gang’s All Here


“These are the best waffles ever Lil! I could stay here all day and eat them.” Akeem says. He’s been here since Saturday, it’s now Wednesday. It’s not that I’m annoyed by it, it gave Ra someone else to lay on besides me and Ariel; but I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t stay at his house more often.

“Don’t you have work today Akeem?” I ask and he laughs.

“Life Guarding, DJing, and Bar Tending, all in one day. So yeah, I’m working my three jobs, but they all don’t start until after 12. You trying to kick me out Lileeth?” he smirks and I roll my eyes. Sometimes I hate when he calls me that. I would say it’s annoying but in reality it’s not, it just seems like he only gives me nicknames. Checking the clock I see that it’s only 9:49 so I simply settle down on the couch and turn on the TV. The 9 o’clock news was on; saying something about the supernaturals.


“This just in, the reports are back and it’s confirmed that more supernaturals have gone missing since earlier this week. Just Sunday morning the number of supernaturals in the area of Auberon were borderline on 1,000. Now their numbers have dwindle down to a little under 200. Families are missing loved ones, workplaces are missing employees, and the general town just feels lonelier. I turn this over to…”

“You into this stuff Lil?” Wouldn’t peg you as a firm believer in this type of stuff the way you study Egyptian history and whatnot.” Akeem says from the right of me. He jumped onto the couch at some point when I wasn’t paying attention.


“It’s not that I’m a firm believer or anything, I just don’t see how some people can just… kill, without a second thought to those people. I mean, just because they have magic powers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. It’s not right.” I say.

“But not all supernaturals are good either. Sure, the people doing this are nitwits, they probably don’t even know if the supernatural is bad or not. There haven’t been any reports of werewolf mauling’s, vampire killings, fairy revenge or witch revenge lately either. But, I can’t help but wonder if it’s because they’re missing…” Akeem added the last part softly. I still didn’t get it though, how could someone’s morale be that low? It’s probably because I was raised with a strong sense of ‘treat everyone the way you want to be treated’ in me but still… something seemed fishy.

Akeem hopped off the couch and stretched.


“Lileeth, don’t worry about it too much. I know you got this notion in your head where you want to be part of them, but I really think you’re not.” He says leaning down.

“Yeah but my dad–”

“He was a god, you’re the only one in your family with his hair color, you might be magic. Might, Lilith… not you are magic, might be. Promise me you won’t worry about it.”

“I… I promise.” I say feeling defeated. Akeem was always the one to remind me that I might not even have powers. It’s like he understood the supernatural world more than me even though I study it, not as much as Egypt but a lot all the same. He even believed me right away when I first told him why I was so hellbent on finding out about my dad’s side of the family… like he knew something.

“Well I better head out, gotta get ready for the day you know… Oh hey before I forget, club, tonight at 10. Bring Ariel too.” He says walking towards the door.

“Wait, don’t you work at 10? Why would I go there when you’re working?” I question, trying to figure out his reason.

“Well I only work for a couple of hours. Plus I roam around the club more than work so I’ll be able to hang with you guys ya know? See you later Lilith, I really gotta go before I’m late to my first job of the day again.” And just like that he was out the door, leaving me alone. Well, I guess going out tonight couldn’t hurt… all I have to do is convince Ariel to come along which is a job in itself. Good thing she isn’t home right now, gives me time to think.



It’s been hours. So long in fact I’m starting to think  Ariel was kidnapped or something. Then again, I did get ready around 7 and it’s 9 o’clock now… maybe it just feels like forever because I’ve been ready forever… looking up things I already know about the one place I’m dead set on going to.

I hear the a door slam and I already know it’s Ariel. Hopping out of my chair I venture out of my room to greet her; and convince her.


“Ariel! Great timing, I thought you were kidnapped.” I say enthusiastically. She glances behind her and I could see her cringe.

“Oh no, no no no. Lilith, what are you trying to do? I’m not going anywhere tonight. Besides, I’m starving.” She says to me. Told you, a job.

“But it’ll be fun! It’s at Akeem’s club anyway so he’ll be there, plus, imagine all the cute guys that’ll be there too.” Ariel stayed silent for a moment, probably thinking about all the cons of going out with me tonight. “Come on Ariel, we need a girls night out. And Akeem will totally pay for our drinks. Pleeeeeeease?”

“Oh fine, if it’ll get you off my back for tonight.” She gives in.

“Great! Put on a dress and let’s go.”

“Dress? But the only dress I have isn’t in pink.” She protests. I swear, this girl and the color pink is going to kill me, and I thought I had a bad pink phase.

“Get ready Ari, before we’re late… ‘k?”

“We’re taking public transportation, we’ll be late anyway.” She says and walks ever so slowly to her bedroom to get her stuff, then to the bathroom. I sat and waited for another fifteen minutes while she got ready. I wish I could only take 15 minutes…


“I look stupid.” Ariel says coming out the bathroom which caused me to laugh.

“What are you talking about? You look great! Stop being so hard on yourself, now let’s go.” I say and pull her out the door. For some reason I was really excited to be going out. It must be because Akeem told me to chill, sometimes the guy has good ideas.



“Holy– did you see that!?” Akeem exclaims. Once again, he was watching another stupid horror flick. He’s been doing that ever since I met him.

The club was fun, like he promised; Akeem hung out with Ariel and I most of the time and the only other patrons of the bar was just a few college students skipping studying for partying. Even Ariel had a good time, must be because Akeem was semi-flirting with her. I’ve never seen her blush so much.

“This is just like the rest. The chick trips, the killer gets her. Or the chick miscalculates and kills herself. Boring.” Ariel says while stroking Ra’s fur for a moment before he hopped down to go laze about somewhere.

“Very true, but it’s still funny. I mean, who would run away from a town filled with people?” Akeem smirks and nudges me. “Probably you Lilith.”

“What? No, what would I even be doing in a horror flick in the first place?”

“True… you’d be too wrapped up in Egypt to even notice someone trying to kill ya. Heck, the killer would just get bored and go look for someone else.” Akeem laughs and I pout.

“I actually agree on that. You spend way too much time on that computer of yours. Speaking of, I found out about this group called the Talent Troupe or something. You might be interested Lilith, some weird folks are on it.” Ariel says getting up. “But I wouldn’t really know, some guy just told me about it a few days ago, recruiting I suppose. I’m going to bed… later guys.” She states and promptly walks into her room and shuts the door. Akeem looked thoughtful for a moment and then grinned.

“I heard of them, they’re supernatural recruiters or er, supporters anyway. I don’t know if they recruit but I guess if you check out the website…” he says still grinning.

“You actually want me to? I would think that you would be against it… after all, I am obsessed.” I put quotes around obsessed for emphasis.

“Well, maybe someone knows something. Hey, where ya going?”

“To get ready for bed, these shoes are killing me right about now. I’ll check out the site tomorrow.” I say and Akeem nodded.

“So you’re spending the night with me? That’d be nice you know.” “I stay and watch these stupid movies, I’m not that tired yet.” But maybe I was because I ended up falling asleep and staying asleep for the rest of the night.

Akeem’s POV:


Why do I torture myself like this? I actually encourage her to find out about her family and yeah, friends are supposed to do that but this will have a bad outcome. I know for a fact that her answers lie either in that website or Egypt, that dreaded place where I never want to go back to. But… I can’t say never because if I do I’ll be lying. I would do anything for Lilith. If that means facing my past then so be it. Dammit why did I have to be in love with her?


I propped myself up to look at her sleeping face and sighed heavily. She doesn’t even have to do anything and I’ll do back flips for her. Ugh fine, I’ve made up my mind.

“I’ll go to Egypt with you. After all, it’s so simple to go there and back.” I say softly to mostly myself knowing she was deep in slumber. I just hope I won’t have to tell her about my secret.


The more I think about it the more I hate me being born. If I wasn’t born, I wouldn’t have to keep these appointments secret, I wouldn’t be cut short of what I deserve, and I wouldn’t be deprived of my time with Lilith… but that’s the hand I was dealt and even if it kills me, I’m going to marry this girl. I don’t care if the cosmos has something else in mind. Lilith will be my wife, and we will be happy.

I slip on my headphones to listen to some music. Music takes me away from reality, music soothes my soul… And if Lilith isn’t available, music is my escape. Soon I find myself to drowsy to even hear the music and I too go off into a deep sleep.


Le Author’s Note: It took me forever to write this chapter with me not having a car and trying to find rides to work, fighting with my game to get it to work, and making Akeem’s family; which I am still not happy with how his mother turned out… is there some sort of trick to make beautiful ethnic sims? If there is I need to know xD but anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, next chapter: Egypt! And hopefully it won’t take so long to publish. Until next time ❤